The Day is Coming!
Do you like to play Video Games? Viral Day does!
Since you made it to our site we think it is safe to assume that you do. Viral Day looking to sponsor video game players! Players who enjoy first person shooters, sports, fighting, and racing games!
You don’t have to be the best gamer on earth. You don’t even have to be better than average! You just have to enjoy playing games, and support Viral Day in their “grass roots” movement. There will be support and our players will learn to play well as a team.
Viral Day is working on something that is going to “Revolutionize” the Video Game Industry! We will also be creating jobs for people who love video games! We will be hiring people in every country who plays video games. Our concept is what is going to allow us to sponsor and hire video game players.
Don’t hesitate to apply….there is nothing to lose when applying for a sponsorship with Viral Day. Click Here To Apply

The Name

Viral Day started as a thought of how video games should be played competitively while playing MW3. It was just something we talked about until BO2 when it became even more pertinent (anyone who has played BO2 knows it was mostly about connection) and we wanted to help make the connection fair so there would not be a host advantage. Our idea will change the gaming industry! Forever! Then the issue became how to protect the idea-can we get a patent, copywrite, or something similar. The next question was can we afford the protection if it was available. Being that patents can be extensive and aren’t guaranteed, we decided the best way to protect our idea was to make it go VIRAL. We have to make the idea go viral all while strategically planning a national/international launch. Through our brainstorming and the thought of going viral we figured there must be other small businesses that have great ideas that could change their industries as well if they could strategically plan such a national or international launch. We didn’t know our exact launch date so that date became “Viral Day.” At times we even credited the idea of Viral Day to becoming the next national holiday….similar to “Cyber Monday.” We live in an internet world which makes it easier than ever before to go viral. The name can be associated with many different emotions such as excitement, anxiety, curiosity, or fear just to name a few. People often associate viral with virus. They should not be associated with one another. We don’t want to create fear. We want you to become anxious…in a good way. We want to create curiosity. We want you to be excited! We are going to change the gaming industry forever on Viral Day.

We will help other industries to join in on Viral Day (email our admin or fill out the form and put Gamertag as “Join Viral Day.” 

Remember those emotions we spoke about?….. Get EXCITED and help us go VIRAL so you can take part in and benefit from Viral Day!

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