Non-Compete Agreement

As an employee or contractor of Financial Star Corporation™, you will have dealings with clients and prospective clients for our organization. Any competition for solicitation of Financial Star Corporation’s clients during or after termination of employment would cause serious and irreparable injury to our company. To protect the legitimate interests of Financial Star Corporation, you are subject to certain restrictions after the termination of employment/contract.

You agree that for a period of five years from the date of termination of employment, you will not:

1. Intentionally act in any manner that is detrimental to the relations between the Financial Star Corporation, and its clients, employees and/or contractors.

2. Enter into, directly or indirectly or on behalf of any other person, firm, or corporation, any contractual relations with the prohibited clients for the purpose of providing services similar to the services provided by our company.

3. Enter into any contractual relations with direct competitors who provide services similar to the services provided by our company for a period of five years.

4. Solicit, without written approval from Financial Star Corporation, any client or prospective client of Financial Star Corporation, LLC for a period of five years after termination of your employment for the purpose of providing or selling to said client or prospective client any products or services, which are similar to those sold or provided by Financial Star Corporation, LLC at the time of your termination.

5. Manipulate, use, or alter for resale or reuse, any product or part thereof (which is bound by copyright law) of Financial Star Corporation, in any manner that is detrimental to Financial Star Corporation.

6. While employed by Financial Star Corporation, and for five years after the termination of employment, directly or indirectly hire any employees, contractors, or consultants Financial Star Corporation.

7. Solicit any persons who were employees, contractors or consultants of Financial Star Corporation, LLC during the thirty-six months immediately after your termination with the intent of terminating their employment with Financial Star Corporation.

In the event of a breach (or threat of a breach) of this agreement, Financial Star Corporation, is entitled to immediate and appropriate injunctive relief, or a decree of specific performance of this agreement, without the necessity of showing any irreparable injury or special damages.

You acknowledge that Financial Star Corporation, would not have offered employment without your express understanding of and agreement with the non-competition and non-solicitation provisions set forth in this agreement, and this agreement supersedes any prior understandings and agreements between the parties.