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Gamers in the United States and Canada

Ready Themselves for Viral Day

Viral Day is coming!

Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.  Viral Day is a grassroots movement by gamers to fill a void in the video game industry. The Viral Day movement began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is now a vast network of gamers throughout the United States and Canada who have come together for the love of the game. These gamers are getting ready to launch the biggest improvement to video games since the inception of online gaming. Viral Day is a group of gamers with an idea, an idea that will change the video gaming industry forever. It will give power to the individual gamer and small businesses. In August 2014, this network of gamers across the United States and Canada will simultaneously launch Viral Day. The exact date of the launch will be made public in August. Gamers may sign up to follow the movement and participate in Viral Day at

The United States market alone consists of:
• 188 million gamers
• 56 million households are console gamers
• $22 billion spent on video gaming in 2013.

Additional countries around the world will be launched in 2015.

Viral Day already has several sponsors and additional sponsorship opportunities are being developed.

Viral Day is coming soon and it will usher in a new video gaming holiday.

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